Remarketing for Professional Services

Remarketing is a useful, cost-effective digital marketing tool we regularly recommend to our professional services clients.

Why do we recommend it? Because it is a simple, effective way to keep reconnecting with visitors once they have left your website. It reminds these warm leads of your service by basically ‘following’ them around the web as they browse – showing them your brand message in a soft touch way.


Why use Remarketing for Professional Services Companies?

Remarketing is a useful digital tool for professional services as it allows you to continue to engage with relatively warm prospects.

It is effective for professional service organisations because they tend to have higher value purchases with a longer buying cycle. This means that most of their website visitors are not ready to buy yet – they are in still the search/research phase.

Remarketing adverts create additional brand touchpoints in the weeks and months after these visitors have left the site. Only those who have visited your website see these adverts and consequently it is a cheap, hassle free way to follow up those anonymous prospects in your digital sales funnel that you may not have otherwise been able to.

For the value that remarketing delivers it is an obvious addition to a professional service organisation’s digital marketing toolbox.


Cost Effective Online Targeting…

When set up correctly remarketing can be an effective way to remind visitors of a product or service you provide by showing targeted ads which can be tailored depending on which website section or page they have visited.

Yes, it can be that targeted. So, say they visited a page on your site about ‘Training Courses for Left Handed Giants’, then they’ll see your training course reminder adverts as they browse around the internet in the weeks/months after.  (Only caveat is that a minimum of 100 visitors is needed to be added to a list before the adverts can be shown)

While these visitors may be unknown, we know that they have some degree of interest in your service. And because you only pay per click it costs nothing to show the advert. In our experience, click-through rates are low for professional service organisations, but there is a lagged increase in brand name searches i.e. searching for your company by name. For us this is where the real value of remarketing lies.


How Much does Remarketing Cost?

The set-up costs start from £500 for the starter package with 5 – 7 advert permutations with subsequent advert refreshes costing from £125. You then pay for clicks monthly which can be capped, allow £10 – £50 per month, depending on the traffic volumes on the service areas you want to target.

As a rough comparison on average a Google pay per click (PPC) search advert can cost between £1.60 – £2.40 per click whilst a remarketing advert on average can cost between £0.20 – £0.50. However, remember, remarketing doesn’t deliver the immediacy or ROI that a PPC campaign does. It is, however, an effective slow burn that raises brand awareness and helps to keep your offering front of mind with prospects that you may otherwise not have been able to engage with.

Once set up remarketing campaigns can be outsourced and only requires minimal management with the artwork needing to be refreshed periodically.


What our Remarketing Clients say…

“Remarketing is a no brainer – just wish we’d known about it years ago” HR Consultancy, Northampton

“Thanks Sharon for sorting out our remarketing – very pleased with the graphics and have already had feedback about their visibility”, Managing Director, IT Services, Wellingborough


Outsource your Remarketing for Professional Services Set up and Management

For a cost-effective, quick win get your remarketing campaign set up today and start to enhance brand visibility with those anonymous prospects in your digital social funnel that are not ready to buy.

So if you would like to outsource your remarketing campaign set up and management to experienced remarketing experts – please call Sharon on 01327 810003 or complete our contact form below and we will be in touch.

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