Online and Offline Marketing Support for HRIS Consultancy

Case study: Online and Offline Marketing Support

Online and offline marketing support

Sector: Professional Service, HRIS consultancy

The Challenge: Develop and then implement a marketing plan to support their rapid growth.

Result:  A strong brand proposition and year on year growth.



The Challenge:

With no marketing resources internally, they needed a full-service marketing support service to help develop a marketing function, including creating a marketing plan, developing marketing collateral and a website. They also needed help to manage their communications and update the social media channels and blog page.


The Solution:

While working remotely, Evolve stepped in and took control of their marketing function.  Acting as their in-house marketing function Evolve drove forward the brand development, and customer acquisition and retention activities to support their ambitious growth targets.

This phased approach as budget allowed started with marketing planning before creating a new website and various sales support material.  Once the plan and brand building blocks were in place, Evolve managed the content creation, social channels and email marketing programme.

Elements of ongoing marketing support service include:

  • Developed new evergreen and topical content
  • Set up and managed a regular email marketing programme
  • Set up and managed remarketing campaigns
  • Managed the LinkedIn, Google Posts, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Managed the client surveys to monitor performance
  • Kept the website search engine optimised and up-to-date


The Results:

Ongoing professional marketing support to help drive their business forward.