Marketing support for Technology Supplier

Case Study: Marketing planning and support services


Sector: Technology support services

The challenge: Update their business development tools and implement an email marketing programme targeting existing and prospective customers.

Result: A professional, appropriate suite of sales tools and an effective email marketing programme.



About Pentos Systems…

Established in 1992, Pentos is a leading provider of technology products, services and solutions targeting small to medium-sized corporate organisations. Authorised to the highest levels by the world’s leading IT manufacturers including HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and VMware.

Specialising in Enterprise-Wide Area Networking, Pentos excel in the provision of products and services including HP Blade Systems and Virtualisation products from VMware and Microsoft.


The challenge:

To ensure brand consistency and stakeholder buy-in across the business. Over the years the business development efforts had become fragmented and out-of-date with mixed, sometimes conflicting messages.


The solution:

We undertook an audit of the existing marketing collateral and current communication strategy, as well as an assessment of their current and future requirements.  This audit showed brand inconsistencies across marketing material, a lack of focus in targeting prospects and unclear marketing objectives.

We recommended developing an up-to-date suite of sales support material including refreshing the website to reflect better the new marketing objectives which we helped set during a series of marketing planning sessions. Also, we suggested an email marketing plan.

These recommendations were implemented over a 12 month period. During this time Evolve Marketing developed branded sales material including stationery, folder and branded template inserts, refreshed website and branded giveaways (mugs and USBs). We also created an annual email marketing plan that targeted three key sectors and then managed the creation and delivery of their monthly email update.


Some examples of the work undertaken include:

  • Created a corporate brochure and branded folder and inserts
  • Refreshed the website
  • Created branded Word templates and branded giveaways
  • Managed the monthly email programme


The results:

Greater clarity of their offering among internal stakeholder and improved positioning of their offering to appeal to the targeted sectors. Their marketing collateral is up to date and professional with all their online and offline touchpoints aligned.  As a result of marketing planning and management, they enjoyed increased sales.

Customer comment:

‘We have worked with Evolve Marketing for the last four years – they are dynamic, professional, and a real pleasure to work with. They understand our business and go the extra mile to ensure the success of our campaigns.  A highly recommended marketing partner’